Sea Ceramics LTCC Fabrication and Design: LTCC Manufacturing, Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC), LTCC Substrates, LTCC Packages, Zero Shrink LTCC, High Frequency Hermetic LTCC Packages, BGA, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ceramic Thickfilm Fab, LTCC Multi-Chip-Modules (MCM), Sea Ceramic Technologies


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Advanced LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic), Thickfilm Substrates and Packages

Next Generation Technology, Engineered Today


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Welcome to Sea Ceramics LTCC Design and Manufacturing home page! We hope you find this site helpful in defining your LTCC designs and product. Please visit us again for future updates.

About Sea Ceramic Technologies, Inc.

Sea Ceramic Technologies is a worldwide supplier of advanced State Of The Art   LTCC and Thickfilm substrates and packages.

With over 20 years in the ceramics industry,  Sea Ceramics has provided substrate solutions that have been made possible through the use of  mainstream LTCC ceramics that include formulations by DuPont, Ferro, and Hereaus. Our research and development in specialty ceramics, which feature low loss tangents and "Zero Shrink" characteristics, positions Sea Ceramics to the forefront of the industry as a supplier for the next generation of electronic devices.

Sea Ceramics features the following services:

(Please see our capabilities page for all of our services)

Multilayer Substrates & Packages for Custom Applications
Zero Shrink Ceramic Technology
R&D - Design and Support
Prototype to Volume Production
High Conductivity Metal Systems
Cost Effective Substrate Fabrication
Buried Passives - Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors
Dupont, Ferro, Heraeus and ZST LTCC Systems