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These technical papers are provided to you in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view or save these papers to your computer, choose the save icon on the Acrobat  tool bar or right mouse click the hyperlink and select save target as.

Where We Are and Where We're Going - Part IV - Charles Q. Scrantom and Gregory Gravier

Thermal Assessment of RF Integrated Front End Module - Victor Adrian Chiriac and Tien-Yu Tom Lee

An LTCC Based Differential Microwave DRO Module - Graham Pearson, Liam Devlin, Andrew Dearn and Bob Hunt

Evolution of LTCC Technology for Industrial Applications - Michel Massiot

RF and Microwave Components in in LTCC - Graham Pearson, Liam Devlin, Jonathan Pittock and Bob Hunt

LTCC - Multilayer Ceramic for Wireless and Sensor Applications - Reinhard Kulke, Matthias Rittweger, Peter Uhlig, Carstin Gunnar

Design, Measurement and Modeling of LTCC Embedded Inductors and PCB Balanced Devices - Prof. T.S. Hong

Measurements of Loss Tangent and Relative Permittivity of LTCC Ceramics - Janina  Mazierska, Mohan V. Jacob, Andrew Harring, Jerzy Krupka, Peter Barnwell and Theresa Sims

Manufacture of Embedded Integrated Passive Components into Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Systems - Steve Scrantom, Greg Gravier, Ted Valentine, David Pehlke, Brian Schiffer

RF and Microwave Component Development in LTCC - Graham Pearson, Liam Devlin, Jonathan Pittock and Bob Hunt

LTCC Based System in a Package (SIP). Advancements and Market Potential - James W. Lawson and Janet A. Kingston

A Novel Low Temperature Co-Firing Ceramic (LTCC) Material for Telecommunication Devices - Heli Jantunen

High Density MCM-C Utilizing Tape Dielectric and Photopatterning Processes - Michael P. O'Neil, Peter G. Barnwell, Steven Scrantom and Gregory J. Gravier

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